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Thoughts about writing.

Even if we have a reliable method and a process that seems to work  there is still a lot of mystery in writing. It’s a act of faith sometimes.

Somehow magic is involved and patience.

Sometimes a  story calls you to come and find it, but you can’t quite locate where it’s hiding.

Sometimes an idea appears in your mind for a moment and you are so sure that it will work– but it won’t.

I think a writer has to be a bit of dreamer with a willingness to search imagination the way a stargazer searches the endless sky.

In a way a writer is looking for distant galaxies of meaning and metaphor–trusting that somewhere, beyond the dark matter of a half-baked plot,  there is a story that needs to be told.

Astronomers know that beyond the glimmer of  a of a billion years lies astonishment.  And a writer  must  be like an astronomer and trust  that beyond the dark matter of self doubt that story will appear. The negative feelings that come from fear are the opposite of the feelings that come from faith and those negative feelings will spiral us quickly into giving up. Don’t let that happen. Trust that  you will find the solution to whatever is making you stuck. Trust that the character will reveal itself to you. Trust that the answer to whatever you are searching for is forming in the deep recesses of your unconscious mind.

So I guess what I am saying here is that faith and patience play a big part in writing of course it’s not the only thing. You have to be actively in the process of locating your story looking through your writer’s telescope and mapping what you find.

I am working on a tool that will help you map your story and keep track of the ideas as you discover them  so stay tuned.